Sunday, April 15, 2007

Advances in Civil War Weaponry

The popularity of Civil War collectibles is just one indication of this fascination for a very unique and significant part of American history. This one conflict caused more deaths per head of population than any country suffered during World War I, although the vast majority of deaths, estimated at more than one third, were due to disease.

Another reason for the relatively large loss of life over a fairly short period time is the disparity between improvements in weaponry and the old fashioned battle tactics used. During this period, and just prior to it, weapons improved immensely in effectiveness. Rifling was applied to canons and small arms, improving distance and accuracy. The rifled musket was common, but the breach loading rifle and carbine also came onto the scene, speeding up the frequency with which the weapons could be reloaded and fired.

The first real repeating guns became freely available, and the so called ‘machine guns, or rapid fire guns were first used in battle. They were not used as much as they might have been, however, since the Union was reluctant to employ these new weapons for some reason. In spite of the new weaponry, the tactics were still those of the Napoleonic era and before. Masses of troops on either side faced and charged each other, and were easy targets for the accurate weapons being used.

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